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Financial Parent Academy is the cure for the 21st Century to help eliminate the financial illiteracy epidemic that continues to rapidly spread across the U.S.

The academy is a 501(c)3 nonprofit where both parents and children have an opportunity to learn financial education.  They have a chance to attend programs that have been designed to fit their specific needs.   The difference between our academy and other financial institutions is that parents have a place for their children to go to help reinforce the financial information they teach their children at home.

We offer after school program assistance, weekend workshops, on campus assistance at schools/community organizations, and personal one on one counseling.

At FPA, our students are family to us and we show that by respecting their needs, showing them appreciation, and walking alongside them as they reach their financial goals.

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Black Own Business Profiles interview our founder. Learn about her journey and her vision for the academy.

May 10, 2023

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May 1, 2024


To help families break the financial illiteracy epidemic that continues to spread throughout households across America.


To equip families with the necessary information to take control of their financial future and pass down the knowledge for generations to come by teaching financial education.

About the Founder:

Sheena Robinson is known to many as a modern-day visionary. Being in the financial industry since 2008 and seeing many families struggle making ends meet, she knew something different needed to be done in the industry.  As she would teach adults financial education as a financial professional, she would always hear "I wish someone would have taught me this when I was younger." 


After having her daughter Madison in 2013, she finally made up her mind to be the change she wanted to see in financial education.  She started her journey by publishing her book, Financial Parenthood: The Keys to Raising a Rich Kid.  The book walks parents through the different phases of financial development children go through and what type of information children should be exposed to in the financial world before they leave home at the age of 18 years old.


Still, after writing the book, Robinson knew she had a bigger calling on her life to reach more families and give them a bigger platform to succeed.  That's when Financial Parent Academy was birthed.


The academy gives both parents and children a chance to succeed by offering customized programs that meet their specific needs.

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"It's Your Time to Prosper!  Let's do it Together."
          - Sheena Robinson
Honorary Founders:

Shauntae Gray

Karesha Taylor

Felicia Spearman

Tajuanna Hunter

Daletha McRae 

Kathy Washington

Raydale Robinson

Don Culpepper

Victor Vinzint

Sheena on Movers and Shakers:

Tune in to the interview to learn more about Financial Parent Academy.

 Financial Parenthood: 

 Learn more about the book, Financial Parenthood: The Keys to Raising a Rich Kid.

Board Members:


Pat Harris

Wanda Baynes

Marvetta Fields

Elexis O'neal

Nancy J. Lewis

Jennifer Rusz

Daletha Mcrae


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NFEC Partnership

Financial Parent Academy joins the National Financial Educators Council.


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