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Our programs are tailored to fit both parents and children needs for the 21st Century.



Adult Financial Workshops


Adults have an opportunity to enroll in classes where they learn the key principles of having a proper financial foundation.

These classes allow parents to revisit their financial situation and get themselves positioned to have a prosperous future if they are not happy with their current situation.


Financial Parent Workshops


Parents have an opportunity to learn how to raise financially successful children using a simple formula.




Workshops for Kids K-12


Students will have a chance to learn essential financial principles to help them make better decisions about their finances.






Community Programs
FPA Partnership

Our goal is to help communities become financially successful by helping others realize their full potential and how to make wise financial decisions.  We partner with other community organizations and other nonprofits to bring financial education to the people they serve.



On-Campus Assistance


Our on-site school assistance program is customized to fit the needs of the school we serve. Each school will have a chance to choose from a wide range of workshops for students and parents.


After School Program Assistance

We offer an after-school assistance program to help support after-school programs in teaching their students about the financial world.



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Summer Camp
Biz 4 Youth

A week-long interactive camp that teaches children about entrepreneurship. `Students will learn the essential steps to becoming a successful entrepreneur. 


Mentor Program
Accountability Partner

Each family that participates in Financial Parent Academy will receive a financial mentor to help them as they progress through the program.

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